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SoftBombs Box

SoftBombs Box

Welcome to the SoftBombs lifestyle by unlocking the full potential of your bathing time. Our new official SoftBombs box is sized for consistent use and priced for more frequent enjoyment.


Each box comes with four bath bombs. Build your box by selecting from four bomb types. You can go with one bomb type or mix and match to enrich your bath time.


  • Lavender: Promotes better sleep and bedtime readiness.
  • Menthol: Provides muscle and joint relief.
  • Citrus: Refresh and promote healthy skin with vitamin C.
  • Eucalyptus: Overall body pain and relaxation aid.
    $12.00 Regular Price
    $8.00Sale Price
    Excluding Sales Tax



    Bath Preparation:

    • Start pouring bath at desired temperature

    • Drop SoftBombs into running water

    • Allow SoftBombs to fully dissolve

    • Enjoy!

    Post Bath:

    • Dry off with towel

    • No extra shower (leave on)

    Key Notes

    • Totally Ok to clean hair & body with other products while using SoftBombs

    • For softest outcome, delay next shower/bath for eight hours

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